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Our Gary IN Animal Hospital Can Help Your Senior Pet Stay Healthy

We all get older -- and so do our pets. Just as humans may require extra care and attention from their physicians as they enter their senior years, geriatric pets can benefit greatly from wellness care tailored to their special needs and challenges. Our Gary IN animal hospital can play an integral role in keeping your senior pet as healthy and happy as possible.

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Understanding Pet Longevity

Talking about pets as a geriatric animal may seem odd if you remember bringing him to our clinic for puppy or kitten care just a few short years ago. But it's an undeniable fact that our pets live shorter lives than we do. Aside from unusual cases, such as cats living into their 30s, the average feline life span is around 14 years. Dogs live an average of 10 to 12 years, although this range is subject to variation depending on breed.

Giant breeds, for example, are prone diseases such as bone cancer that may shorten their average life spans. Spayed and neutered dogs also live longer than their sexually intact counterparts, partly because they're not threatened by reproductive cancers.

Stages and Challenges of the Senior Years

Dogs and cats are generally thought to enter the geriatric stage around the age of 7. (For shorter-lived breeds, such as large dogs, that milestone may come a couple of years earlier.) This means your best friend may have several years as a "senior citizen" -- during which time he will face elevated risks for a variety of ailments. Senior animals are more vulnerable to diabetes, high blood pressure, dental problems, heart failure, kidney disease, thyroid disorders, obesity, and cancer. They may also experience arthritis, low vision, hearing loss and cognitive impairment. You can help address these health challenges by keeping an eye on your senior pet and looking our for telltale indications of an age-related health problem, such as:

  • Labored breathing and fatigue
  • Failure to respond to commands
  • Loss of interest in food or favorite activities
  • Fatigue
  • Stiffness, obvious joint pain, or inability to climb/jump
  • Confusion or seizures
  • Incontinence
  • Dramatic weight loss

Senior Wellness Care From Our Veterinarian in Gary

Our veterinarian in Gary, Dr. Larson, can be your best friend's best friend when it comes to senior wellness care. We provide twice-yearly senior wellness exams, as opposed to the yearly wellness exams most adult animals receive. The extra frequency allows us to catch insidious health threats such as cancer and diabetes as early as possible. It also lets us perform extra inspections of your pet's teeth, eyes, hearing, weight, stance, and freedom of motion. Detailed lab tests help us detect a variety of age-related diseases. Based on our findings, we can prescribe specialized diets, exercise programs, medications for pain or disease management, and other care to optimize your pet's quality of life.

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I have been bringing all of my dogs to Glen Park Animal Hospital for the past 20 years and have found their service to be excellent! I am a nurse and have found that the care, competency and compassion that the entire staff gives to the animals is as good as (and in some instances even better than) the "human doctors/hospitals"!! Dr. Larson explains everything and does good follow-up with my "fur-babies". You can tell that the entire staff loves their job!
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Gary, IN

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