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Pet Grooming Questions and Answers from Our Gary IN Vet Clinic

There's no question that everyone loves and responds to a nice-smelling, beautifully groomed pet. But if you've always thought of grooming as a purely cosmetic luxury, you may be surprised to learn the true extent of its health and wellness benefits for your beloved friend. Here are some frequently asked pet grooming questions as answered by our Gary IN vet clinic.

Dog getting shampooed before their haircut.

How is unkempt or shaggy hair bad for my pet's wellbeing?

 Those tangles of hair can solidify into dense clumps called mats. These mats resist brushing and may cause pain or injury to your pet's skin when inadvertently tugged or pulled. This problem also prevents thorough cleansing of the skin through periodic bathing. Our vet clinic can remove those mats and then apply a gentle brushing while also giving your pet a fashionable, comfortable haircut.

What can veterinary bathing do for my pet's skin?

Your pet's skin naturally accumulates oils which attract bacteria. Professional bathing using veterinarian-approved shampoos can remove these oils while also getting rid of fleas and other disease-transmitting pests. Removal of pollen or other allergens (including the aforementioned fleas) can also ease or prevent dermatitis.

What are the dangers of overgrown toenails on an animal?

Domesticated animals don't have the opportunities to wear their nails down as wild animals do. This allows the toenails to become overly long and sharp, which causes them to get hung in carpet fibers or flooring and possibly even rip away from the nail bed. The resulting injury is not only extremely painful but also opens the skin to infection.

Can I trim my pet's toenails myself?

It's certainly possible to trim your pet's toenails yourself but it isn't necessarily easy. If your pet is the nervous type, or if you're not experienced in this procedure, you can easily cut too deeply. Our veterinarian can ensure that your pet's nails are trimmed correctly and/or show you the proper technique.

What happens when my pet's anal glands become blocked?

The anal glands, also called anal sacs, express their scent fluid naturally during bowel movements. If they become impacted, your pet may experience extreme discomfort in addition to developing dangerous pockets of infection, or abscesses.

How does pet grooming deal with anal gland issues?

Our veterinarian can make sure your pet's anal glands are healthy and express them as part of a routine grooming session. If an infection has developed, we can administer antibiotics or other treatments as needed.

Learn More about Grooming from Our Vet in Gary, Merrillville or Hammond, IN

As you can see, veterinary grooming isn't just for show it's also an important measure in keeping your pet healthy and happy. If you want to learn more about the value and benefits of grooming for your pet in Gary, Merrillville or Hammond IN, call Glen Park Animal Hospital at 219-980-4944 to schedule a session and see for yourself!

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